As result of some great teamwork with partners and the R&D employees of PolyMX, we have been able to produce 18 mm sheets. One of the benefits of PolyMX being supplier as well as producer is that we stand open for suggestions and wishes of the market and if possible, can produce it at demand.
If you are also dealing with a challenge and need PolyMX to think along, you're more than welcome to contact us.

Currently, the 18 mm sheets are available in shore hardness A35, 40, 45 and 50.

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a process, working together is a succes."

The experienced and well-known magazine 'The Cutting Edge' of the IADD in Amerika devoted their October edition to Polytop MX

Besides the recently published articel about the role of ejection material in the die cutting process, they also added some beautiful pictures of different kind of applications of both flatbed and rotary dies.

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PolyMX Cutting Edge


Recently, PolyMX published an article about the "transformation" of ejection material from long-time frustration to business success factor. You will find this article coming period in some main packaging magazines, but you can also download it via this website. Please, feel free to share the article in your own magazine or company news letter. For more information you can contact PolyMX. 


“Rubbering” gets from a long-time frustration to business success factor

Do you know that antivirus software on your computer giving a notification if a virus seems to be present on your PC? Or worse, completely block an application or program when it detects malicious behavior. A good thing, but it never really feels helpful, rather annoying. However, the security industry has turned their technology to the better. It’s no longer a frustration but a differentiator, giving organizations new business opportunities. Single sign-on methods to help people log-on once to get authorized for all relevant applications and tools. Payment methods with such strong security elements that they can be used on a smartphone. New ways of working creating competitive advantages. The industry of ‘rubbering’ techniques and ejection material is at the same point in time. Turn the frustration over from ugly cutting edges and rubber that needs to be replaced over-and-over (with machine downtime as result) to creating unique customer services and success factors that create competitive benefits.

First, let’s have a look at the functional role of ejection material. Simply put, it’s to eject the product and waste out of the die. However, there are more factors to take into account when choosing the right ejection material. What about the separation of this waste and product? How much time and frustration would it save you on an average day when this is done automatically and correct?

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Polytop MX 5

Since Polytop MX’s availability at the die cutting market, this long-lasting ejection material has proven to be beneficial in increasing the productivity of cutting in particular corrugated board. But, more and more Polytop MX is used as high performance ejection material for cutting solid board too. From trays for wet products to puzzles and from cigarette packaging to luxury products, Polytop MX can easily help you solving the most common cutting problems.

Growing percentage of recycled material
In Europe we see an increase of recycled material, which is of course a sustainable growth. But, for the quality of the board this isn’t always beneficial. However, for Polytop MX® this is not an issue. The strength of Polytop MX® lies not only in the long-lasting capacity, but also the ingenious hardness system. Better said, thanks to the availability of the material in various densities, we see that cracked inner liners or bad cut edges don’t always have to be the consequence of a poorer quality board. In this case you can choose for a softer version of Polytop MX®, which brings less pressure at the board during the cutting process.

The opposite we see with solid board. This material asks for a harder ejection material. For the slots or smaller internal waste areas, you can choose for a gradation harder. Thanks to this system, you are able to vary the hardness, without having worries about the durability of your ejection material and quality of the board.

Do you experience problems with a particular die or material and want to find out if Polytop MX® will make the difference for you? PolyMX and its partners, will advise you with the right choice of hardness, in combination with your board and your die-cutting equipment.

PolyMX, solutions for die cutting.


Polycrease MX is a new developed system, which is capable of preventing internal breakings of the paper board. The system is based at a flexible and wear-resistant material that comes in a range of hardnesses and thicknesses. The result is a perfect choice of resilience for every flute type, while guaranteeing the best possible lines in your packaging production.

Complete your Polytop MX® die with Polycrease MX and you will enjoy the results!
Ask for some trial material at PolyMX: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Polish magazine, Świat Poligrafii, published an article with PolyMX's partner Chespa and its customer Janmar Centrum z Trzcinicy.
We are proud that also in Poland, Polytop MX has proven to deliver fantastic results.

The article concludes with the fact that - thanks to Polytop MX -  the plant of Janmar Centrum has reached 100% waste removal! 

Unfortuntately, this article is only available in Polish. Click here to read the full article. 


A growing number of die makers are inspired by the technical properties of Polytop MX®. Not only in Europe Polytop MX® is well represented, meanwhile the Dutch ejection material is also shining at Asian, North and South American cutting dies. The answer at the question what the decisive factor for the selection for Polytop MX®  is, is fully country independent.

Recent survey under several users has shown that Polytop MX® is mostly used at the middle and long runs, mainly for cardboard. Though, more and more plants have experimented with other applications and not without success! Polytop MX is not only used for cardboard, but also for folding carton, solidboard, puzzles and displays. Diversity Polytop MX

Advantages which are relevant for all kind of boards, are the extreme durability of Polytop MX® and the significant decrease of cracks. Besides, machines can run with less pressure and the speed can be increased.

Do you have special projects and inspired to make some tests with Polytop MX®? Please, contact your die maker or directly
with PolyMX.



All users would agree, cutting and clipping Polytop MX is not that easy. This is due to the extreme durable properties of the material. Absolutely perfect for the aim of the material, but not always easy for the processor. Fortunately, PolyMX has encountered that there is a good solutions available. And to retain all Polytop MX users for the search to the best knives to cut Polytop MX and offers from now on the best PolyMX knives.
These knives are easily available at request.

PolyMX, Solutions for Die Cutting