From 24 - 26 September 2013 the well-known European packaging fairtrade FachPack takes place. With around 1,400 packaging professionals and almost 40,000 visiters, this is one of the biggest packaging exhibitions of Europe.

Loyal participant at FachPack is PolyMX's German partner Jürgen Jeurink Stanzformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG. Jürgen Jeurink Stanzformtechnik is one of the most innovative die makers of Germany and a valued partner of PolyMX for several years. During FachPack 2013 Jürgen Jeurink Stanzformtechnik will present you Polytop MX®, for both flatbed and rotary diecutting. Are you a packaging producer and ready to make the ultimate test with Polytop MX®? During the exhibition you can directly make an appointment to design the first trial.

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Genderen, June 11, 2013 - PolyMX, Dutch specialist in ejection material for the die-cutting industry, is expanding its presence on the English and Irish market.
Starting last month, Polytop MX, the long-lasting ejection system designed especially for the packaging industry, will be available in the United Kingdom via die makers: Arden Dies Ltd., Ralegh Integrated Solutions, Laserline Dies Ltd. and Farr Formes. Truform Laser Dies Ltd. has become the partner for the Irish market. All partners have with success fulfilled the selection process of PolyMX and have proven to be able to build high performance Polytop MX dies.

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In the past months, PolyMX has received more and more questions of end users concerning the recognition of Polytop MX® dies. What
happened is that other (international) companies have copied our colour coded system.

PolyMX entered the label-system, to provide clarity and visibility to all users of Polytop MX®. From now on all Polytop MX® dies, can be recognized by its own label.

For end users of Polytop MX® this means that they can rely on real Polytop MX® dies, and they can trust on the reliable benefits of Polytop MX®:

o Long-lasting

o Better end products

o Higher production speed

o Lower pressure

o Less maintenance

When you experience any doubts concerning the authenticity of your supplied die, you can always ask your supplier for the original label.



The Knowledge Institute for Sustainable Packaging was established in the Netherlands, on 1 January. This independent centre of excellence– in which representatives from the packaging industry, government and the sciences are set to collaborate on establishing more sustainable packaging chains – is to draw up a sustainability agenda based on four principles: 'reuse', 'reduce', 'recycle' and

The institute still has to take on a more definitive form, but these principles are of course immediately recognisable to PolyMX.

Polytop MX® has already proven that far greater profits can be gained from using high-quality ejection material, and in that way has made a considerable contribution to the issue of 'sustainable packaging'.

Every manufacturer is faced with such questions as 'how can I reduce my cost price' and 'how can I face up to ever increasing price and quality demands'. PolyMX would be delighted to discuss these issues with you, on the basis of the four principles:

Polytop MX is of such high quality that it can even outlive the knives. In the event of recurring orders, this means that you can make millions of die cuts, before having to replace the ejection material.

Thanks to the unique product characteristics of Polytop MX, you are able to cut dies and increase production speeds, while applying less pressure. The eventual result: a reduction in your production costs.

More and more manufacturers are faced with using recycled paper. This is of course a fantastic development, but it can prove extremely difficult if as a consequence you are unable to supply the desired finished product. Using Polytop MX®, you reduce the risk of tearing, thanks to the considerably lower cutting pressure generated by the system.

Polytop MX® is the standard for the latest generation ejection material! Polytop MX was developed as a system that delivers clean packaging, manufactured at even lower prices!

For more information about 'Sustainable packaging with Polytop MX®', please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


With 2 new partners for the American market, PolyMX closes the year with a very nice message. After a period of testing and evaluations both companies, Dynamic Dies and Dieco Cutting Dies indicated that they will add Polytop MX® to their range. We
are proud that these parties are becoming our partners and hope that they will achieve lots of production benefits for their customers.

The well-known online magazine 'Packaging Europe' has PolyMX subjected to a solid question-hour for the article "Polytop MX, faster production runs and finer end products'! If you ask us, it has become a nice story which touches exactly the core.

Follow this link to read the whole article or click at the picture.

PolyMX in Packaging Europe Magazine

Good results have managed to convince Multistanz to work with PolyMX and now offer Polytop MX® 650 as the long-lasting ejection material for their flatbed dies. Ralf Carell explains (director) about this partnership:
"When we first heard of Polytop MX®, we were a bit skeptical. Didn't we have enough profiles and rubbers? However, the tests convinced us of the qualities of this unique ejection material. And the better production revenues, higher production speed and the quality of the end products, justifies the higher purchase price of Polytop MX®.

The 4 most important benefits of Polytop MX® are:

  • Less cracks in the innerliners
  • Less and smaller nicks
  • Less angel hair
  • No ink absorption

An additional advantage is that we can work with less cutting pressure. This means a lower load for the machines and the die. We can recommend this material to anybody!"

Meet Multistanz and Polytop MX® at Fachpack 2012, stand 302, Hal 7!

With proud PolyMX presents you our new website! This new website is a part of the introduction of our new housstyle, which we recently launched. Any feedback is welcome!

The PolyMX team.


MEDIA MESSAGE - Quality boost for die-cutting

In the February edition of Packaging and Print Media in South Africa you'll find a 2 pages article about Polytop MX and its advantages. The journalist brought a visit to our South African partner Roger Reeve of Laser Die.

Clicke here for the online magazine and browse through it for all details.