Revolutionary stable cover! This stable covering with wyber motive is mounted blind, and is very aesthetic; moreover it provides a good protection for your horse. Furthermore, this covering saves you valuable time as it is specifically maintenance-friendly. PolyMX stable products are available in various colours and due to the fact that the colouring is through-and-through, no painting is required! Cleaning by means of a high-pressure sprayer is easy.

Apart from stable covering, PolyMX offers a total set to fully cover and finish your stable. All edges, window sills and hatches can be covered by the PolyMX finishing products. Besides this, all corners can be covered either with or without a profile. The stable covering and finishing products are available in various colours and dimensions. An attractive "finishing" which also protects your animal and saves you valuable time.

For more information of a custom-made stable, please contact(+31) 162 74 80 60.