The first removable heliport

03 mei 2021

Meet the Superyacht Helimat MX

MX Maritime powered by PolyMX, Dutch specialist on polyurethane solutions, is the first in offering a solution in the trade-off between meeting regulatory requirements for a certified helicopter landing area on the deck of a yacht versus the size and the aesthetic design of the yacht.

A helicopter landing area at the deck of a superyacht. It sounds wonderful, but a permanent heliport also takes up a lot of space and damages the teak. Maybe the biggest hurdle with owning an aviation capable superyacht is the trade-off between the aesthetic design features and the standards for meeting the certification requirements.

In order for helicopters to operate commercially on your yacht you are required by the international aviation regulations to have a certified heliport. To meet the standards for having such a certification a lot of space on the deck has to be sacrificed. However, obstacle clearance for superyacht heliports is frequently compromised because the location of a helicopter landing area on the yacht is determined in favour of the design aesthetics and usage space. Leading a lot of private heliports to have no certification. Until now…


Why is it not possible to have both a helipad on a yacht and to have room for entertainment when the helicopter has taken off? The answer was simple according to co-owner Melissa Monster-Van Golverdingen: “There was no such thing as a removable heliport. This was something that we thought had to be changed. We at PolyMX are proud of our products Polyfloor MX and Polycover MX and there had to be some kind of way to use these in developing a removable helicopter landing area.”

And she was right. PolyMX succeeded in developing the unique Superyacht Helimat MX. Monster: “Within several minutes the yacht crew can now lay a complete and fully fledged Superyacht Helimat MX that meets all requirements of a certified heliport if the yacht circumstances permit. Perhaps even more important is the fact that our Helimat can also be completely removed within the same time and protects the teak from being damaged. We are very proud of our Superyacht Helimat MX. It is the first of its kind, due to this unique easy ‘lay down & lift up’ principle we have developed.” Because the Superyacht Helimat MX is removable, it provides an opportunity to combine the use of the deck as a heliport and recreational area for guests.


High quality custom-made production is central to PolyMX and al its divisions. Despite the simple ‘Easy lay down & lift up’ principle, quality is not compromised on the contrary. Monster: “Our Polycover MX product-range is widely known for its high quality and durability. Because the Superyacht Helimat MX is part of this product-range, we know for a fact that the material is extremely strong and shock resistant so the deck will not be damaged, even in difficult and unpredictable conditions during take-off and landing of the helicopter. In addition, the materials used are seawater and oil resistant, provided with an anti-skid profile and coloured to the core. This also keeps the iconic “H” in the centre of the Superyacht Helimat MX always clearly visible.”

For the Superyacht Helimat MX, MX Maritime has partnered up with Maritime Aviation, global leader in heliport design consultancy, heliport equipment & lighting supply and crew training.