Beat Batten!

27 January 2023

Beat Batten!

PolyMX's Christmas gift for the year 2022 consisted of a pair of colorful rainbow socks from Stichting voor Pleun. The story behind the socks is unfortunately less colorful. With this, PolyMX supported the Pleun Foundation, Pleun is a 7-year-old girl who suffers from the debilitating and deadly metabolic disease Batten Disease. There is still no medicine or treatment to slow down or cure the disease. That is why the Pleun Foundation wants to raise money by selling rainbow socks, among other things, to finance research into Batten Disease.

We are extremely grateful that we have received so many wonderful reactions to this campaign and hope that as many people as possible will support the foundation. You can do this by making a donation via the link below.

On behalf of the PolyMX team, we wish you a colorful 2023!