Polyfoam MX

Protective foam

Protective foam

Where people, animals, products or materials are in motion, wear and tear occurs on both the moving and the fixed object. 

The Polyfoam MX, made from our foaming material, is an extremely powerful yet lightweight product. Polyfoam MX has been specially developed to reduce wear during the production process and to protect vulnerable materials. The material is so powerful and shock absorbing that the Polyfoam MX, unlike rubber foams, will not change shape. 

Unique to the Polyfoam MX is the variation in hardnesses and densities, depending on the desired resilience and shock absorption. 


  • Extremely soft (Shore A 10 - A 70)
  • Low density
  • Elastic
  • Strong but light
  • Burning point higher than 200 degrees Celsius

Curious whether the Polyfoam MX is suitable for your application?

We would like to think along with you to find the right solution for your wear problem or protection solution. 

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