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Yacht design and construction solutions

When it comes to yacht design and yacht building, there is often a trade-off between aesthetic characteristics of a yacht design and optimal use of the yacht's functionalities. Our products offer a solution to this dilemma.

Due to the characterizes of the material and the luxurious appearance of our MX Maritime products, you can get the most out of the design of your yacht while the functionality of your yacht can be optimally used.

Superyacht Helimat MX

The Superyacht Helimat MX from PolyMX is unique in its kind! A helipad as a solid surface on the deck of your yacht is past time. Due to the easy 'Lay down & Lift up' principle, the Superyacht Helimat MX takes up no space on your deck. Completely disassembled and laid out and removed within minutes, even during bad weather conditions.

Due to the high quality and durability, the Superyacht Helimat MX is excellent for protecting your deck.

Superyacht Helimat MX (5)

Tender flooring

A wear-resistant antiskid floor specifically made for ship and yacht building. This floor with wyber pattern can be used in aisles, engine, steering and tender areas. The Polyfloor MX is a prefab product, which allows a significant reduction of the throughput time at the shipyard.


Bumper fender

Easy to install bumper fenders for your boathouse and landing stage. The bumper fenders are colourfast and can easily be custom-made.

Stootstrip 3

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Looking for a wear-risistant, sustainable and flexible product to protect your yacht? We would like to think allong with your to find your sollution.  

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"We appreciate working with PolyMX, the product meets our standards and the service fully meets our expectations. When urgency is needed, PolyMX have been on hand to help and support. A pleasure to work with."

Hendrik Verkiel, Project Manager Fleet Support at Oceanco