Superyacht Helimat MX

The first removable heliport

Get the most out of your yacht's deck

A helicopter landing area on the deck of a superyacht. It sounds wonderful, but a permanent heliport also takes up a lot of space and damages the teak. Maybe the biggest hurdle with owning an aviation capable superyacht is the trade-off between the aesthetic design features and the standards for meeting the certification requirements.

Well, that was how it used to be! A permanent heliport or a significant portion of the deck reserved for a helicopter deck is now past tense with the Superyacht Helimat MX.

Superyacht Helimat MX


  • Optimal teak protection
  • Presence of an H-sign


  • Light weight
  • Applicable to narrower parts of the deck

'Lay down & lift up'-principle

The Superyacht Helimat MX is unique in its kind.

The easy 'Lay down & lift up' principle makes it possible to:

  • Lay and remove a complete and fully fledged heliport within several minutes
  • Keep the deck available for entertainment or other usesĀ 
  • Meet al certification standards withour compromising the yacht's aesthetics
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Due to the high quality and durability, the Superyacht Helimat MX protects your teak deck. Because the Superyacht Helimat MX is colored through and through, the colors will always remain visible.

The Superyacht Helimat MX must be stored immediately after landing and take-off of the helicopter in an area free of UV radiation in order to minimize the risk of discoloration.

The Superyacht Helimat MX is completely produced in our own factory and belongs to our Polycover MX product line, which is reflected in properties such as seawater and oil resistant, anti-slip and shock resistant.

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