Our method

Specialist in polyurethane

Innovative, proactive and flexible with polyurethane

Research and development not only leads to new products, but also to improvements in existing ones. To ensure the quality of our products, quality control parameters are established. The determination and characterization of these specific parameters takes place in several phases.

Own laboratory

We are specialists in adapting and experimenting with the properties of polyurethane in combination with the production of synthetic solutions. Our success formula is defined in the high quality and reliability of the material. Here, hardness and density are determining material properties for the end product.

Based on our unique recipe and our in-house analysis of material properties, we are able to develop innovative products.

Labo 05040

We offer a number of standard machining forms that are widely produced, of both the foaming and non-foaming material. Because the production and creation of the material is in our own hands, we are able to create solutions for any desired market with a demand for wear-resistant, resilient, strong damping, high tensile, pressure and tear-resistant material of high quality. This material can be water and/or oil and grease resistant.

Why polyurethane?

We are specialized in the production of polyurethane and this is not without reason.

Polyurethane is such a special material because it is a flexible plastic. Basically it is a synthetic material with the elasticity of rubber or leather.

Because we develop our own recipes with the raw materials for polyurethane, we can experiment with the special properties of polyurethane. These properties are:

  • Very good wear resistance
  • Unique resilience
  • High shock reduction power
  • High tensile, compressive and tear strength
  • Water resistance
  • Resistant to oils, grease, petrol, etc.

Do you want to know more?

Looking for a wear-risistant, durable and flexible material? We would like to think allong with you to find the perfecte solution for you.

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