We care

Environment and people

Our core values

We lead and we care. And in order to be succesfull in both, we need to be ground-breaking. We invest in new, sustainable manufacturing processes. We share our knowledge with partners. We digitize our business. We invest in young people and strengthen the position of women in our industry. 


Under the motto "healthy people is a healthy company", the PolyMX Vitality Program (PVP) was established. This means that every employee at PolyMX can work with their own health, both physically and mentally, in his or her own way. Within the PVP, each employee receives a budget and time at his or her disposal on the basis of various conversations, which can be filled in according to his or her own preference.

As a result, we reduce absenteeism and increase job satisfaction.

And as Team PolyMX we can occasionally be found during a sports tournament!

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The term 'sustainability' is a widely discussed term at this moment. For PolyMX, however, it is not a hype, it is a part of our company's genetic makeup. Wherever possible, our principles and methods are in line with the universally-accepted principles:

  • Our production environment complies with all current environmental and Health and Safety standards.
  • We reduce our contribution to global warming by generating and reusing our own heat.
  • We offer solutions that contribute to a more efficient production process for our clients.
  • Our product range for the die-making industry assists in meeting the growing demand for the increased use of recycled paper as well as helping to extend the useful life of the die.

We want to compensate CO2 emissions. We do everything we can to compensate for CO2. That is why we started planting our own trees in 2020. Anyone who visits our building can also visit this mini forest.

Women in a man's world

One of the most important aspects of PolyMX's we care program is that management looks for the strength of a person. Working in your strength produces energy and that is exactly what we strive for within PolyMX.
Women at the top are increasingly expected to 'stand their ground'. But why? Partly due to the benefits of a woman in business and the fact that Melissa Monster, managing director, wants to inspire women to continue working in their own strength, she founded the initiative, WomenConnect. The global initiative now numbers more than 200 women, who are connected with each other. Melissa was awarded an IADD Cutting Edge Award in 2020 for this initiative. An award  for individuals with the most positive impact on the industry. To learn more about this network, read the 'Women Lead The Way' interview with Melissa here