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Origin of PolyMX

"PolyMX is a polyurethane production company that listens to the market. That's the core of our existence” - Cees van Golverdingen, founder of the family business PolyMX

The family business PolyMX was founded in 2000 by Cees van Golverdingen, a man with a background in the world of bonding. Cees started his search for an alternative to rubber when he concluded that the bonding of rubber did not yield the desired result. He found the solution in the synthetic material Polyurethane.

With the start of PolyMX, formerly Euromat 2000, a polyurethane production company was created with the goal of creating protective material with good adhesive bonding to any desired material. Protective material adapted to the specific wishes and application of the customer. With this, Cees created the alternative to rubber protection products.

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Nowadays, rubber is the forbidden word within PolyMX. This is because the success of our products today is based on the quality of the material and the possibilities to adapt the material to the wishes of the customer. It may have the elasticity of rubber, but every PolyMX product is everything rubber is not, wear-resistant and durable.

The material is equivalent to the values of our company: quality and luxurious. The focus on these crucial points is something that Melissa Monster-van Golverdingen introduced as a priority in 2018 when she took over from her father as general manager of PolyMX after already working in the family business for 16 years.

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Partnership with CITO

In 2017, the company CITO-SYTEM GmbH became co-owner of PolyMX.

Thanks to the product CITO Polytop, formerly Polytop MX, PolyMX has grown into an internationally operating organization. Because we have always remained a small-scale family business, with the production of polyurethane products at its core, a partnership with CITO was the most logical next step. This allows us to maintain the focus on polyurethane production.

CITO has a worldwide sales network and many years of experience in the diecutting industry, which is a deserved step forward for an innovative product such as CITO Polytop.


Melissa Monster-van Golverdingen

"We listen, learn and innovate to answer and create the modern demand for polyurethane applications."

Under the leadership of Melissa, PolyMX focuses on continuous improvement of the material and the development of new products for and with the customer. Because of this mentality she is partly responsible for the success of CITO Polytop.

In 2019, Melissa Monster-van Golverdingen, in addition to being general manager, also became co-owner of PolyMX with the mission of continuing her father's vision and staying true to the values of the family business. She is determined to keep the focus on 'doing what we do best', which is producing high-quality synthetic solutions by listening to the market.

Melissa Monster Van Golverdingen

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