The term 'sustainability' is a widely discussed term at this moment. For PolyMX, however, it is not a hype, it is a part of our company's genetic makeup. Wherever possible, our principles and methods are in line with the universally-accepted principles:


  • Our production environment complies with all current environmental and Health and Safety standards.
  • We reduce our contribution to global warming by generating and reusing our own heat.
  • We offer solutions that contribute to a more efficient production process for our clients.
  • Our product range for the die-making industry assists in meeting the growing demand for the increased use of recycled paper as well as helping to extend the useful life of the die.

We want to compensate CO2 emissions. That is why we have chosen to plant trees through the organization Trees for All. The projects of Trees for All have an economic, ecological and social value to society and contribute to a healtier climate. For more information about Trees for All, please visit the website

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