Corona virus (COVID-19)

17 March 2020

The corona virus sure presents us insecure times.
We are pleased to reassure that, up to today, PolyMX BV has not been affected by cases of corona virus and we continue to work at full capacity.


Several countries are dealing with a total closure of borders. These lock downs are, in most cases, only intended for passenger traffic and goods traffic can still continue.


Our freight transport operator in Europe keeps us informed every day of the rapidly changing situation. To date, our carrier can deliver shipments to all countries for shipments within Europe. However, they can no longer give any guarantees on transit times or deliveries because developments follow so quickly.


Our customers outside of Europe often arrange their own transport for orders.
Until now, we have not received any message from our contacts with carriers that they can no longer send shipments.

We ask our customers who arrange their transports themselves to be alert to unexpected changes, so that you can respond to this.


Safety for our employees, but also for our suppliers is our main concern.
That is why we have taken measures that are necessary to respond to the corona virus.
We want to wish everyone who, in any way, is affected by the corona virus a lot of strength.

Let's also stand behind our caregivers and emergency services, who take care of us and work day and night to provide the healtcare we need so much right now.

Finally: let's all look after each other a little more and help, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, other family members, neighbors, friends and colleagues as much as necessary.
Be kind to each other, together we are strong!