Melissa Monster appointed Managing Director

13 March 2018

With the appointing of Melissa Monster-van Golverdingen as Managing Director of PolyMX BV, international specialist in ejection materials for cutting dies, the Management Team has been strengthened.

Since 2002, Melissa has been involved with the family business, established in 2000 by her father Cees van Golverdingen. In her new position, she will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the business, and strategic decision making.

The development of Polytop MX, a durable synthetic ejection material introduced to the market by PolyMX in 2007, marked the start of growth at the business. Having spent some time in ICT, where Melissa was employed at Triple P as Marketing Manager, she decided in 2010 to focus fully on the marketing and sales of PolyMX, to further direct the growth of the company. Among the results of her efforts are a partner programme with very reliable and forward looking partners throughout the world, and since 2017 membership of the CITO Group. This has led to a further acceleration of all developments. As a consequence, the business will be moving to larger premises in mid-2018, with additional production capacity, a new, modern fleet of machinery and further automation.

Passion for polyurethane

“When I tell people that I manage a plastic production company, they often do a double take. ‘Do you actually enjoy it?’ they often ask, but I think it’s fantastic! My parents established a portfolio of niche products, every single one of them technically advanced and capable of delivering remarkable high quality to the satisfaction of their clients. And that itself gives a real kick,” explained Melissa Monster. “I was recently given a photograph of a very complicated cutting die for folding cardboard. It made me feel proud that it was something our team was able to produce! You may well ask yourself how you can possibly find a cutting die attractive, but it just happens…”

Ideas and development

Founder and originator of Polytop MX, Cees van Golverdingen is taking a step back in the business, but will continue to be involved in the background. He will remain as consultant and co-developer for new products. This year the company expects to introduce a number of innovations including the Shore A10, a solution for the problems of tearing in recycled cardboard.

Cees van Golverdingen, founder of PolyMX said: “Nothing is easy in our sector, but we enjoy a challenge and always come up with new solutions to problems that help our clients improve their service. I am extremely proud of what we have already achieved, and I am happy to pass on the batten of day-to-day management to Melissa. Over the past few years, she has more than demonstrated her capabilities, and I look to the future of PolyMX with confidence.”

Part of that future is a new business location. Growing demand for the projects means larger premises have become necessary. As well as offering three times the floor space, the production line will be completely renewed with an additional robot in combination with the introduction of various other forms of automation.