Melissa Monster co-owner of PolyMX

14 November 2019

As of now Managing Director Melissa Monster-Van Golverdingen has also become co-owner of the company PolyMX. As a result of this step the company remains partly owned by the founders, the Van Golverdingen family, after majority of the shares were purchased in 2017 by the company CITO-SYSTEM GmbH.

After finalizing the strategic partnership with CITO-SYSTEM GmbH, majority of the shares were obtained by CITO-SYSTEM GmbH and the other part of the shares remained in possession of founder Cees van Golverdingen. In recent years, Melissa Monster-Van Golverdingen has more than proved herself as Managing Director and has led the strong growth that the company is experiencing. For CITO-SYSTEM GmbH it is important to work with a Managing Director with ownership and direct involvement. Melissa Monster-Van Golverdingen wants to stay true to the values of the family business and dedicate herself to the continuation of the strategy and to guarantee continuity.

Melissa Monster-Van Golverdingen, Managing Director and co-owner: “As long as I have been working for PolyMX, I have always been committed to keeping the company on track."The last two years saw her in her new role as Managing Director. "PolyMX has always felt like my own company, and I am really happy that this is now really the case. I want to build on the vision of my father and mastermind big plans together with CITO-SYSTEM GmbH.                      

Through this way I would like to thank my father and Jürgen Mariën in particular for the fact they had faith in me, even before I had it in myself. They have given me the opportunity to develop myself further and I will always be grateful for this!” 

Jürgen Mariën of CITO-SYSTEM GmbH: “We have every confidence in Melissa as Managing Director of PolyMX. The course she has set out and the results achieved, prove their usefulness for the company and customers. We like to work with people who experience ownership, and with the transfer of shares, that has now also taken shape.”

From its new location in Raamsdonksveer, CITO-SYSTEM GmbH and PolyMX work together in the field of product improvement and the introduction of new products that contribute to the optimization of the die cutting process. In addition, various synergy effects have also been implemented for the benefit of customers. Melissa: “Within the CITO GROUP we are full of ideas and I am looking forward to implementing this together, partly from The Netherlands, but also from Austria, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and Germany”