New Fecken-Kirfel splitting machine

13 May 2022

PolyMX invests in complete new splitting machine of Fecken-Kirfel

Due to the increasing demand for ejection material for flatbed dies and the higher heights for the American and Canadian market, we have invested in a new Fecken-Kirfel splitting/cutting machine.

With a splitting machine we can cut our complete assortment of foam materials to the desired thickness or height.

Fecken-Kirfel machines are known for their precision and efficiency in cutting technology. With this new machine we are able to split all hardnesses of our own material with the required accuracy in-house.

The sheets that come out of this new splitting machine are even smoother and have a smaller height tolerance. With this splitting machine we are prepared for future growth. We can now split larger surfaces, harder materials and higher/thicker sheets. In short, this new splitting or cutting machine makes us more flexible in the final processing. This translates into a more efficient throughput and faster processing of our materials.

IMG 20220506 103438

Do you need to split or cut material?

From now on it is also possible for you to have your own material split or horizontal cut with us. For this you can contact us via email or call our office. 

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