Polyfloor MX 545

Imagine: you have a number of practical preferences in relation to the floor, however the aesthetic aspect is of importance as well. The PolyMX answer to this is "Teak it Easy!". With the Polyfloor MX545 you solve a number of problems simultaneously, without making any aesthetic concessions. In areas in which oil and fluid-tightness, sound muffling, maintenance-friendliness and antiskid are preferred, this deck covering shows its true qualities. Moreover, the Polyfloor MX 545 is prefab manufactured: this reduces the throughput time on the shipyard considerably. It is available in numerous designs, which can be applied to real teak-wood as well, which is quite elegant. Naturally, teak-wood has the aura of authenticity, however Polyfloor MX 545 is clever and very stylish.

If you want to look smart... just be smart! Contact PolyMX for possibilities on board of your ship or yacht: (+31) 162 74 80 60.