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MX Maritime powered by PolyMX, Dutch specialist on polyurethane solutions, is the first in offering a solution in the trade-off between meeting regulatory requirements for a certified helicopter landing area on the deck of a yacht versus the size and the aesthetic design of the yacht.

A helicopter landing area at the deck of a superyacht. It sounds wonderful, but a permanent heliport also takes up a lot of space and damages the teak. Maybe the biggest hurdle with owning an aviation capable superyacht is the trade-off between the aesthetic design features and the standards for meeting the certification requirements.

In order for helicopters to operate commercially on your yacht you are required by the international aviation regulations to have a certified heliport. To meet the standards for having such a certification a lot of space on the deck has to be sacrificed. However, obstacle clearance for superyacht heliports is frequently compromised because the location of a helicopter landing area on the yacht is determined in favour of the design aesthetics and usage space. Leading a lot of private heliports to have no certification. Until now…


Easy Lay Down & Lift Up

Why is it not possible to have both a helipad on a yacht and to have room for entertainment when the helicopter has taken off? The answer was simple according to co-owner Melissa Monster-Van Golverdingen: “There was no such thing as a removable heliport. This was something that we thought had to be changed. We at PolyMX are proud of our products Polyfloor MX and Polycover MX and there had to be some kind of way to use these in developing a removable helicopter landing area.”

And she was right. PolyMX succeeded in developing the unique Superyacht Helimat MX. Monster: “Within several minutes the yacht crew can now lay a complete and fully fledged Superyacht Helimat MX that meets all requirements of a certified heliport if the yacht circumstances permit. Perhaps even more important is the fact that our Helimat can also be completely removed within the same time and protects the teak from being damaged. We are very proud of our Superyacht Helimat MX. It is the first of its kind, due to this unique easy ‘lay down & lift up’ principle we have developed.” Because the Superyacht Helimat MX is removable, it provides an opportunity to combine the use of the deck as a heliport and recreational area for guests.


Convenience Combined With High Quality

High quality custom-made production is central to PolyMX and al its divisions. Despite the simple ‘Easy lay down & lift up’ principle, quality is not compromised on the contrary. Monster: “Our Polycover MX product-range is widely known for its high quality and durability. Because the Superyacht Helimat MX is part of this product-range, we know for a fact that the material is extremely strong and shock resistant so the deck will not be damaged, even in difficult and unpredictable conditions during take-off and landing of the helicopter. In addition, the materials used are seawater and oil resistant, provided with an anti-skid profile and coloured to the core. This also keeps the iconic “H” in the centre of the Superyacht Helimat MX always clearly visible.”

For the Superyacht Helimat MX, MX Maritime has partnered up with Maritime Aviation, global leader in heliport design consultancy, heliport equipment & lighting supply and crew training. 


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The first removable Heliport: meet the Superyacht Helimat MX

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The corona virus sure presents us insecure times.
We are pleased to reassure that, up to today, PolyMX BV has not been affected by cases of corona virus and we continue to work at full capacity.


Several countries are dealing with a total closure of borders. These lock downs are, in most cases, only intended for passenger traffic and goods traffic can still continue.


Our freight transport operator in Europe keeps us informed every day of the rapidly changing situation. To date, our carrier can deliver shipments to all countries for shipments within Europe. However, they can no longer give any guarantees on transit times or deliveries because developments follow so quickly.


Our customers outside of Europe often arrange their own transport for orders.
Until now, we have not received any message from our contacts with carriers that they can no longer send shipments.

We ask our customers who arrange their transports themselves to be alert to unexpected changes, so that you can respond to this.


Safety for our employees, but also for our suppliers is our main concern.
That is why we have taken measures that are necessary to respond to the corona virus.
We want to wish everyone who, in any way, is affected by the corona virus a lot of strength.

Let's also stand behind our caregivers and emergency services, who take care of us and work day and night to provide the healtcare we need so much right now.

Finally: let's all look after each other a little more and help, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, other family members, neighbors, friends and colleagues as much as necessary.
Be kind to each other, together we are strong!

PolyMX welcomes graduate student Noël Bouman

PolyMX would like to introduce Noël Bouman as their first graduate student.
Noël (21) studies Marketing & Sales at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda. Before completing his study, he will work on his thesis within PolyMX. Besides studying  Noël likes to play football and go out with his friends.

Noël has just finished his second week and he has already got a good impression of the company: "I have received a warm welcome from the team and I look forward to the coming period in which I hope to finish my study. I will work on a challenging marketing issue within this ambitious organization.”

Quality is the number one priority for PolyMX. What does quality mean for Noël?
“I believe that an organisation can really distinguish itself if they strive for the highest quality in products, this in combination with a sustainable and good relationship with the employees, customers and suppliers is the key to success.”

Melissa Monster “We are happy to have Noël as our graduate student.
One of the values of PolyMX is that we invest in (young) people and one of the benefits of adding a graduate student to our team is that he (Noël) has got a new perspective on business and is free and able to raise matters that we may not notice. We are looking forward to the coming period together with Noël, in which he will learn a lot about PolyMX and its customers and products. We are also looking forward to the end result of his research and the results thereof.”


Melissa Monster-Van Golverdingen becomes co-owner of PolyMX

As of now Managing Director Melissa Monster-Van Golverdingen has also become co-owner of the company PolyMX. As a result of this step the company remains partly owned by the founders, the Van Golverdingen family, after majority of the shares were purchased in 2017 by the company CITO-SYSTEM GmbH.

After finalizing the strategic partnership with CITO-SYSTEM GmbH, majority of the shares were obtained by CITO-SYSTEM GmbH and the other part of the shares remained in possession of founder Cees van Golverdingen. In recent years, Melissa Monster-Van Golverdingen has more than proved herself as Managing Director and has led the strong growth that the company is experiencing. For CITO-SYSTEM GmbH it is important to work with a Managing Director with ownership and direct involvement. Melissa Monster-Van Golverdingen wants to stay true to the values of the family business and dedicate herself to the continuation of the strategy and to guarantee continuity.

Melissa Monster-Van Golverdingen, Managing Director and co-owner: “As long as I have been working for PolyMX, I have always been committed to keeping the company on track."The last two years saw her in her new role as Managing Director. "PolyMX has always felt like my own company, and I am really happy that this is now really the case. I want to build on the vision of my father and mastermind big plans together with CITO-SYSTEM GmbH.                      

Through this way I would like to thank my father and Jürgen Mariën in particular for the fact they had faith in me, even before I had it in myself. They have given me the opportunity to develop myself further and I will always be grateful for this!” 

Jürgen Mariën of CITO-SYSTEM GmbH: “We have every confidence in Melissa as Managing Director of PolyMX. The course she has set out and the results achieved, prove their usefulness for the company and customers. We like to work with people who experience ownership, and with the transfer of shares, that has now also taken shape.”

From its new location in Raamsdonksveer, CITO-SYSTEM GmbH and PolyMX work together in the field of product improvement and the introduction of new products that contribute to the optimization of the die cutting process. In addition, various synergy effects have also been implemented for the benefit of customers. Melissa: “Within the CITO GROUP we are full of ideas and I am looking forward to implementing this together, partly from The Netherlands, but also from Austria, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and Germany”


From left to right: Thomas Gerner (CITO-SYSTEM GmbH), Melissa Monster and Dinie van Golverdingen

Growth is never by mere change; it's the result of forces working together - James Cash Penney 

There is a growing demand for our products and projects are becoming bigger. It is time for us to move to a new location.
After a period of hard work, we can finally say: WE DID IT!
Our production plant and office have moved to our new building. 
We are very proud of the end result! And as much as we have enjoyed the process of renovating and seeing our new work place develop, we are also relieved that the process is over. 
The new building gives us 8,000m2 of space (three times as much as the current building has). 
The production line will be complimented with an additional ABB robot in combination with the introduction of various automation innovations. 

Our move to the new location doesn't change anything for you. The quality of our products remain the same as well as our service and accessibility. 

As of June 1st, 2019, our new address will be:
Sterrekroos 17
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0) 162-748060
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dennis Ruymaekers, a friend of Melissa Monster – van Golverdingen, is going to participate in Alpe D’HuZes.

Alpe d'HuZes is a unique sporting event where as much money as possible is raised for cancer research and for improving the quality of life of people with cancer. On a single day, 5000 participants will bike, hike or run the Alpe d'Huez. Attempting a maximum of six climbs, under the motto 'giving up is not an option'. The race day is always on the first Thursday in June and is part of a complete week, which is being prepared for a full year.  A special week full of solidarity, in which cancer is openly discussed for everyone. In 2019, the 21 turns of the Alpe d'Huez will be climbed for the fourteenth time.

Dennis is participating in Alpe D’HuZes with three people on his mind. Cees van Golverdingen, Melissa’s father and our Director is one of them.
We are honored that Dennis is doing this for Mr van Golverdingen and are very proud of Dennis.
Dennis has got a personal page, please click here to donate of follow Dennis.
Please click here if you want to know more about Alpe D'HuZes.

On behalf of the PolyMX team: Good luck Dennis!!




Cees van Golverdingen

18-12-1959           09-02-2019


We are deeply saddened by the loss of Cees van Golverdingen.

With great sorrow we must take leave of my husband, our father (in-law) and grandfather. Cees was founder and director of PolyMX, a pioneer in our industry, and a source of inspiration for many. Since PolyMX was founded in 2000, at the time under the name Euromat 2000, Cees put his heart and soul into the business, with considerable success. His entrepreneurial spirit helped build a fabulous business with a great team of people manufacturing high-quality products.


The success of PolyMX is based on the unmatched quality of our products, combined with the knowledge and skills of our team. With great pride we would like to announce the arrival of Andrew Powell. He is an expert in high performance cutting dies and will strengthen our team as International Sales Manager. In this role he will be responsible for our existing partners and for the growth of our global customer portfolio.

Andrew has known PolyMX since the first introduction of Polytop MX® into the market. He knows like no other what PolyMX stands for, and he may already be known to some of you. After finishing his education he started running converting machines at Smurfit Kappa. Therefore he knows what challenges there are in the workplace. Starting as an apprentice he worked himself up to become a Senior Operator, ultimately leaving to work for the cutting die manufacturer DieVision. Here he grew from being a Technical Specialist to a Product Manager because of his ability to apply his technical knowledge, to the challenges customers bestowed upon him. As from now he supports the PolyMX team in future growth and service to existing customers and end users of high performance dies.

“PolyMX is an amazing and beautiful company. You cannot but notice the passion and service for this product and combined with the togetherness within the company, this made me feel at home immediately. It is a very pleasant work environment and I am looking forward to developing even better products and services together with our team and customers”, says Andrew Powell.

Melissa Monster-van Golverdingen, Managing Director of PolyMX: “I have known Andrew for quite some time and I am impressed by his knowledge and his work ethic. Andrew is very customer driven and will apply 100% to get things done for customers. This fits within our corporate culture. Andrew can relate to customers needs and will go to work on finding a solution to their problem. We often receive requests if we can help improve the efficiency of the die cut process and the quality of the die cut product. This exceeds just providing a good rubber advice. Th rough his knowledge of production on die presses and the manufacturing of high performance cutting dies, Andrew is the perfect person to answer these questions. He does not only know the driving forces of Polytop MX®, but also that of cutting dies. We believe in this approach and we are obliged to provide support services to our partners concerning this matter.

The forth coming period Andrew will focus on visiting our existing partners. Furthermore Andrew is per direct available for technical advice on-site or per e-mail. Andrew can be reached through his e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone (0031)416-353498.

Andrew Powell1


Melissa Monster has been appointed director of PolyMX since January 2018.
Melissa has been working at PolyMX since 2002.
In the past 16 years Melissa has seen PolyMX change from a national to an international company and from a rather basic company to an automated, industrial area.

Together with an ambitious team, Melissa is looking forward to her new challenge.

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